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On-Site Support, Diagnosis and Repair of PC, Network,
Application and Business infrastructure - NEW SYSTEMS & NETWORKS

Complete system includes Phones, Network, PA, Background music, Satellite systemSupport for all PC hardware & software as well as specialized equipment for process control, sales, personnel access, voice and data.  Custom built PC's to meet demanding needs.  Keeping systems up to date to prevent internet attacks and virus infections.  Regular health checks and maintenance to help prevent down time, lost productivity and revenue.  Internet filtering to prevent unwanted time wasters, spam and embarrassments.

Specialized Business Applications: ADP insurance and financial, in-house corporate applications, database, mailing labels, custom forms applications, client-server apps, VPN's.

Standard apps: Word, Excel, Norton, McAfee, IE, Netscape, Outlook,
FrontPage, Publisher, MS Office, Corel Suite, Lotus Notes, Access, SQL Server, etc. etc.

Computer Assisted Design: AutoCAD, VISIO, CADkey, Solid Edge

Network puchdown and data jacksNetworking:  LAN's, WAN's, VPN's, Copper and Fiber-optic Cabling,
Wireless, Routers, Firewalls, Proxy servers, Hubs and Bridges

System Support:  Desktop & Servers with SCSI, RAID, IDE, ATA,
AGP, PCI and ISA devices (including rack mount gear),
Uninterruptible Power supplies (UPS) and Surge Protection

Fast Response, Flexible Hours, 30 Years Experience !

Hourly and Contract Services

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